We are Cynthia Boyd-Yette and Terry Yette owners of Cynthia’s Gumbo Express Inc.


Cynthia's Gumbo Express Inc. has been established September- 2013, but I have been catering over 20 years after graduating from C.H.I.C. (Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago) now known as Le Cordon Bleu (now closed).

I've always been fascinated by the food and culture of Louisiana and I came across this gumbo recipe that I have passionately worked on  for over 30 years, which has become my secret recipe, that will now be in my family’s history.  Making gumbo is a labor of love. It requires a lot of ingredients, prep work and some know-how to make good gumbo every time. It started once a year, like everyone,Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years. People would only eat gumbo in the winter, but you can eat gumbo all year round.

We started the business after retiring with 66yrs. combined Postal Service. We tested our gumbo on co-workers and since retiring we have sold our gumbo at Homewood, Evergreen Pk. and Park Forest Farmers Markets and different events in Indiana, southern and western suburbs. We purchased a step van and had it converted to a mobile food truck, which we are now licensed in the City of Chicago. We are committed full time to running our Food Truck!

We wanted to offer gumbo as a healthier fast food option that's served Fast, Fresh and Flavorful and served the customer's way with different options. Everybody likes something different. Some like it hot, some don't. Some want seafood, some want chicken.

We have 5 different gumbos that cater to the changing palates of our customers. Loaded Seafood, Pescatarian, Chicken, Turkey and Vegan. Our rice is served on the side, so you add the rice as you like. Cornbread is served with every order. We wanted to offer the true gumbo experience for you to enjoy your own individual bowl. Customers said they wanted good gumbo, now their comments are “delicious” and “off the chain”.

We've handcrafted our 1st packaged goods product! Cynthia's Dry Roux, Flour Browned to Perfection. A product that I've used for over 30 years. No more browning your flour, we did it for you! Just Add & Mix. It's sold on this website, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram and you can get it on the truck.

You can find us all around Chicago. Follow us on social media, Facebook/ Cynthia's Gumbo Express and on Instagram, @cynthiasgumboexpresss to see where we are popping up  and we cater "Gumbo by the Gallon! Serve something different at your next event!

If you would like to receive a text to keep up with us: Just text the word JOIN to 1-844-832-1490.




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