Gumbo Lover Club Members! Because of COVID19, we will postpone exchanging beads at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience. Hold on to your beads.



Thank you Gumbo Lover for joining our exclusive club! First things 1st, please join

our facebook page and or follow us on Instagram. 

 Joining our club is easy and fun! You can receive FREE GUMBO, enter our raffles and contest


How to Play


After your 1st purchase of gumbo and you sign up for our Gumbo Lover's Club,  you receive your purple beaded necklace as a New Gumbo Lover!

*You must hold on to your purple beaded necklace.

 On your next (2nd) purchase, bring your purple beaded necklace.

You will exchange your purple beaded necklace for a Green beaded necklace, which makes you a Regular Gumbo Lover. *Hold onto your green necklace.

On your third (3rd) purchase, bring your Green beaded necklace with

you and exchange it for a Gold beaded necklace, Making you an Ultimate Gumbo Lover! *Hold onto your gold necklace

When you return for your 4th purchase, with your Gold beaded necklace, you will receive a FREE bowl of Gumbo!




The only way to join is in person at our Mobile Food Truck!

You must purchase gumbo and receive a beaded necklace to join the Gumbo Lovers Club.  The beads are for Gumbo Lover Club Members Only!


  1. All we ask for is your name and email!

  2. You must have your beaded necklace with you to exchange for the next beaded necklace. Example: purple, green, gold, purple, green, gold.

  3. If you lose your necklace you have to start at the beginning, for it to count towards your FREE GUMBO. Example: If you received a green beaded necklace and you lost it and you wanted to continue to play, you would have to start over at purple! *Hold onto your beads

  4. If you forget your beaded necklace, you will miss a chance to advance to the next beaded necklace towards receiving your FREE GUMBO. It will take you a little longer?

  5. Keep the beaded necklace in a safe place, in your car, on your rearview mirror. In your desk, in your locker.  It's your ticket to FREE GUMBO! Remember :*Hold onto your beads


      6. Don't damage the beads, we're

          exchanging amongst other gumbo 

          lover club members!


       7. The idea is to keep the beads going and a way for you to earn FREE GUMBO.


       8. Let's have fun keeping the beads moving!




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