Flour Browned to Perfection Cynthia's Dry Roux

 Cynthia's Dry Roux, Flour Browned to Perfection


Cynthia's Gumbo Express Inc. has handcrafted a product that makes it easier and saves you time in making your own gumbo. 



What is Roux and why do we need it? Roux is a thickener that is used to thicken soups, sauces and gravies. The rule is equal parts oil and flour. example 1 cup of oil to 1 cup of flour.

Traditionally oil is heated in a skillet. White flour is added in whisking or stirring until it reaches a caramel or brown color. This could take 30-45 minutes, depending if you like a dark roux, being careful not to let it burn.

Cynthia's Dry Roux is Unbleached Flour that has gone through a baking, browning and sifting process. This provides browned flour that's ready to use. Just Add & Mix. Instant Roux. It's easy to use! It's a kitchen essential. This can be used with any gumbo, vegetable, chicken or seafood. Making gumbo is a labor of love. It's one of those dishes that you have to know something about making a roux. We have taken the time to save you time. This is the only way I make roux for my gumbo! I have been using dry roux for over 20 years. It's the same perfect broth every time.  It works for me so I know it will work for you! It's for the beginner or the experienced cook! Everyone wants to save time in the kitchen. This product helps alleviates guesswork.

Browned flour takes on a caramel brown color and a nutty aroma. Combining Cynthia's Dry Roux and a good stock full of flavor makes a delicious broth.

We use Unbleached Flour, it has No Added Chemicals, No Sodium, No MSG, No Oil. No refrigeration. Resealable pouch, store as regular flour.


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Cynthia's Dry Roux
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Flour Browned to Perfection. Unbleached All-Purpose Flour, No Sodium, No Oil, Fat Free, No MSG. Just Add & Mix

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